AquaJet Pro

Trailer Mounted Jetters

In our profession, the tools really make the difference in being able to do a job with high quality.

Our customers always deserve the best in terms of technology, considering that we have in our fleet this wonderful trailer mounted jetter of the AquaJet-Pro line.

You need power in your project, here you will find the best.

Introduces the AquaJet Pro line of trailer mounted jetter. These units are specially engineered for ease of operation.

Rugged heavy-duty construction, designed for safer trailering featuring the V-Braced tongue, and a large 200-gallon water supply tank will allow you to jet anywhere.

The rear-mounted super duty 12V electric jetter hose reel and SS rear-stack manual reels (wash-down & garden hose) provide all the space for hose you might need.